Thursday, December 26, 2019

#360 / Here We Go Again

I have never been much enthused about my birthday, and am perhaps even less so, now. There is a definite mixed message when I start checking out the life expectancy tables and find that I am "expected" to have only 12.29 more birthdays. After that, I am not expected ever to have a birthday again. 

Of course, that is only one way of looking at it. Mostly, I see it the other way around, and with every additional birthday that comes along, I realize just what a blessing it has been to have been alive. 

That, not the life expectancy tables, is what I am thinking about today. And one of the blessings I count is all the people I know, and have known, colleagues, students, friends and family, those involved with me in various political engagements, and those others who may never know what joy they have brought into my life. If you happen to be reading this blog posting, that probably does include you.

I am also happy to have learned a few things from my favorite Nobel Prize Laureate. This verse, for instance, pretty much captures my thought, as I contemplate another year upcoming. You can click this link (which I highly recommend) if you'd like to hear all about it:

Well my ship’s been split to splinters 
And it’s sinking fast 
I’m drownin’ in the poison, 
Got no future, got no past 
But my heart is not weary, 
It’s light and it’s free 
I’ve got nothin’ but affection 
For all those who’ve sailed with me

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