Monday, December 16, 2019

#350 / L.F.G.

I always appreciate learning new words - and new acronyms, too! Thank goodness for the Urban Dictionary. Without it, how would I have been able to interpret the recent endorsement of Elizabeth Warren by Megan Rapinoe? Rapinoe is pictured above. Here's an excerpt from the "On Politics" bulletin I read in a recent email from The New York Times

Ms. Warren snagged the coveted Megan Rapinoe endorsement, and during their phone call, Ms. Rapinoe shared a women’s national soccer team saying.

“I don’t know if you can cuss on here, but it’s L.F.G., so let’s do this,” she said.

“All right, Megan, you and me,” Ms. Warren said, laughing. “L.F.G.”

Within hours, the phrase was on a T-shirt in Ms. Warren’s campaign store

Rapinoe's acronym is good advice, generally - in politics and otherwise. At least, I think so, and because of the Urban Dictionary, I didn't have to guess:

Let's Fucking Go!

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