Sunday, September 1, 2019

#244 / And Before You Go To Rome...

Here is my version of a travel advisory, for anyone traveling in France.

If you find yourself in France, and if you are looking for a place to "get away," you might consider visiting Masion Conti, which just happens to be a bed and breakfast establishment operated by my artist sister, Nancy, and her husband, Rick. Click the link for their entrancing slideshow. The path above, found in the slideshow, but which I have traversed in real life, is one of the many delights you will discover in Montmirail (Sarthe).*

As I do say in this blog, every once in a while: recommended!

*You need to pay attention to the map, and double check your GPS, when you decide to visit Maison Conti. France has two small towns called "Montmirail." Maison Conti is in the Montmirail that is in the general vicinity of Le Mans.

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