Friday, August 30, 2019

#242 / Blonde Bombshell Makes A Statement

Betty Gilpin, pictured above, is the "Blonde Bombshell" I am referencing in the headline to this blog post. Since I don't know whether or not the term "blonde bombshell" is a term that is much understood, nowadays, I have linked to a Wikipedia explanation. The term is used to stereotype blonde women (and especially attractive blonde women). From my perspective, Gilpin qualifies, though I guess she is naturally a brunette.

Does my appreciation of Gilpin's "blonde bombshell" qualities indicate that I am a big fan? Not exactly. It was not until I unrolled my home-delivered copy of the New York Times on August 9, 2019, that I even knew who Betty Gilpin is. I am quite detached from all aspects of our ever more celebrity-driven culture, and I truly had no idea. I gather, from The Times' article, that I am probably in a distinct minority. 

At any rate, speaking of stereotypes, there is a completely unjustified assumption that "blondes" are not very smart. "Dumb Blonde jokes" are legion, and if you are not familiar with the genre, you can click that link for a random selection. Gilpin, in her interview with The Times, is more or less trying to push back. The article is titled, "She's Decided to Get Off 'the Barbie Bus.'" That is the hard-copy version of the headline. The headline on the online version of the article is making a similar point from a different direction: "How ‘GLOW’ Helped Betty Gilpin Embrace Her Inner Weirdo." 

As I say, I am not in touch with celebrity culture at all, and that includes my failure to have much contact with movies, music, or streaming television. I have learned from the article mentioned above (I am still into reading) that "Glow" is a very popular exemplar of the last category, and Gilpin is one of the stars. 

Gilpin is no "dumb blonde." Here is what Gilpin says about the frequently one-dimensional quality of celebrity culture. Her statement, from a verifiable "blonde bombshell," demonstrates an extremely creative and compelling use of language, and sets us all straight on just about how valuable transitory "celebrity" really is. The phrase I am appreciating is highlighted in the quote below: 

"You have award-winning artists painting your face, shaping your hair and tailoring your clothes so suddenly you’re like” — Persona No. 6 alert! — “a Versailles porn version of yourself,” [Gilpin] said. “And you think, ‘Wow, I look amazing! I don’t look like myself, but after feeling invisible for so long, this feels really good.’” 
She knows that feeling won’t last, and she’s O.K. with that. “It’s this happy balance of, ‘Put on this really beautiful gown that someone’s lending you that they may not lend you in five years, and have fun at this party,’” she said. “‘But don’t place too much value on it, because this is an ice sculpture of deceit.’”

Transitory celebrity status as an "ice sculpture of deceit?" This is no dumb blonde!

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