Thursday, August 29, 2019

#241/ Smoothed-Out Algorithms

Substituting smoothed-out algorithms for the contingent complexity of biological existence is bad for us ... It's an insult to the human mind and the human soul.
The sentiments above are those of Neil Young, pictured. The picture and the quotation come from an article in a recent edition of The New York Times Magazine. The article is titled, "Sound and Fury" (or "Neil Young's Lonely Quest to Save Music" in the online version). If you can avoid the paywall that I believe non-subscribers will often encounter, this article is well worth reading.

In essence, using music as both a real example and a metaphor, Young is calling our attention to the fact that we are losing unmediated contact with genuine reality, as we receive all our information (and our music) in digital form.

For some time, I have been coming to the conclusion that "analogue" life is "real life," and that "digital" life is not.

That's true for music, says Neil Young.

It's true for politics, too!

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