Tuesday, August 20, 2019

#232 / On Not Looking Away

Thinking About The Unthinkable, published in 1962, and now out of print, told Americans that they needed to have the courage to confront the realities of nuclear war - a world-ending nuclear war for which we were then preparing, and a world-ending war that we are still prepared to launch. Now, we have global warming, too, and other atrocities as pictured above. It seems we are complicit in them all.

For a meditation on how we can force ourselves not to turn away from the unthinkable realities that confront us, click right here to be redirected to a very brief article in The Nation magazine ("On Not Looking Away").

When we truly allow ourselves to see the atrocities in which we are complicit - when we don't "turn away" - we must then acknowledge and act upon the demand that we change the world to eliminate the horrors that involve us all.

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