Sunday, March 17, 2019

#76 / Meaner And Crueler

The Nation recently ran an article that pointed out "How Black Lives Matter to the Green New Deal." Naomi Klein, pictured above, is the author of This Changes Everything (her book about global warming). Klein was quoted in the article as follows:

Under our current brutal economic system, climate change doesn’t just mean things getting hotter and wetter,” journalist Naomi Klein said to Green New Deal activists on a conference call the week the resolution was introduced. “It also means things getting meaner and crueler. That is what happens if we just stay on this course.” A Green New Deal, Klein added, can “repair and redress centuries old and very current crimes against African-Americans, indigenous people, women, [and] migrants.”

I have no doubt about what Klein says. It's the "meaner and crueler" aspects of what happens when water and food start disappearing that puts the real challenge to the continued existence of human civilization. 

Can a Green New Deal repair and redress the centuries old and still continuing crimes that Klein mentions?

It could. 

I would say it must

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