Thursday, January 24, 2019

#24 / Do You Speak My Language?

Maria Popova writes a weekly blog (brainpickings), which is always a treat. You can subscribe for free. Just click on the brainpickings link, and look for the sign-up box in the left-hand column. 

In a posting on August 3, 2018, Popova alerted her readers to Thoreau and the Language of Trees, by Richard Higgins. Thoreau's essays on trees, collected in this book, are paired with photographs by Higgins, like the one above. Popova headlines her article, "Thoreau on Nature as Prayer." I like even more what Amazon says in its brief website review:

Thoreau and the Language of Trees shows that Thoreau, with uncanny foresight, believed trees were essential to the preservation of the world.

As we face the global warming crisis that is putting both the natural environment and human civilization in peril, we now know that this is literally true. Click to see a time lapse depiction of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, properly called the "lungs of the world."

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