Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#192 / Exemplary Humanity

Sue Williams did conflict resolution work for Quaker Peace and Service (British and Irish Quakers) in the 1980s and 1990s in Botswana, Uganda, East Africa, and Northern Ireland. She later worked with Responding To Conflict, which describes its organizational purpose this way: 

RTC is a non-governmental organization that works to transform conflict and build peace by working alongside people living in situations of conflict and violence to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to create and implement strategies for peace. 

Recently, Williams has published a short little pamphlet, one of the Pendle Hill Pamphlet series, titled, "Humanity in the Face of Inhumanity." It tells stories from Williams' experience, and she makes clear that what "humanity" means to her is a personal and "human" reaction in a situation in which parties, politics, positions, family, and religion seem to dictate a less generous, and therefore less "human," response, based on those allegiances. 

Her pamphlet is full of examples, and here is how she concludes:

The people in my collection of stories were quite diverse, with very different lives and motivations. I regret now that I did not begin much earlier in my own life to notice this pattern of exemplary humanity.

There are, in fact, "good people everywhere." And we are among them!

So let's make our bets, and take our risks, with that very much in mind. That is exactly what Sue Williams is advising.

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