Tuesday, April 24, 2018

#114 / Bumpersticker Wisdom

Seeing a clever bumpersticker can sometimes brighten my day. The bumpersticker above is on the serious side, and I picked it out as an illustration for today's posting only because I so frequently repeat that "We're All In This Together" admonition.

I judge the bumpersticker below to be "non-serious," but it is pretty entertaining:

For a clever, entertaining, and "serious" bumpersticker, I like the example I heard about from a friend. She claims she saw it, just as I have rendered it below, in a coastal county to the South of Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, no actual picture was provided in connection with her report. Here is its message. This qualifies, in my book, as bumpersticker wisdom:

CEQA And You Shall Find!

The acronym "CEQA" refers to the California Environmental Quality Act. It is one of our most powerful environmental laws. Click the link for lots of information. 

The allusion made by the bumpersticker is to a verse in the New Testament, Luke 11:9. Again, click the link to learn more. 

If you have concerns about the plan to build a student condominium-dormitory in the UCSC East Meadow, the message above about CEQA is quite relevant. Comments on the University's Draft Environmental Impact Report are due by May 11, 2018. Later on this Fall, get ready for another CEQA document, this one prepared in connection with the University's plan to increase student enrollment by approximately 10,000 students (that number not counting additional faculty and staff).

Lots of people in Santa Cruz, California think that our local governments are letting developers destroy what are the very best things about our local community. "Save Santa Cruz," for instance, is a community group that has the motto, "Stop Overbuilding Santa Cruz." 

If you tend to agree with the Save Santa Cruz position, and you are looking for relief, the bumpersticker spotted by my friend seems to be the message you need to hear. It doesn't come from the New Testament, but it's the gospel truth:


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