Thursday, April 19, 2018

#109 / Pundits For Peace?

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Pictured above is William Pfaff, the "rare pundit who hated war and militarism." That's the way columnist and book review editor Murray Polner put it. Pundits with a predisposition to peace are rare indeed. After Pfaff's death, about three years ago, they are even more so. 

Here is something from one of Pfaff's columns:

Has it been a terrible error for the US to have built an all-but-irreversible worldwide system of more than 1,000 military bases, stations and outposts: this seemingly was created to enhance US national security, but what if it has actually done the opposite?

I think the answer to Pfaff's question is pretty clear. Investing in war is not the way to security. 

It's the way to Armageddon!

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