Saturday, March 3, 2018

#62 / Not Even?

I got an email on Presidents' Day from People For The American Way. The picture above was right at the top. 

In the text of the email was this statement, which caught my attention:

NO ONE is above the law -- not even the president.

I definitely agree that no one is above the law, including the president, but I think I'd put it a little bit differently:

 NO ONE is above the law -- ESPECIALLY NOT the president.

Our Constitution grants immense power to the President. Particularly with respect to issues of war and peace, and national security, the Courts give great deference to the President, and the Congress does, too.

Granting such power to the President is a "feature," not a "bug," of our political system. Having a powerful Chief Executive makes it possible for the nation to act swiftly and decisively, when action is needed. But because that is true, and the President has such power, it is ESPECIALLY important that the other centers of power in our government, Congress and the Courts, make certain that the President is not allowed to act as if he were above the law. 

Beneath the law (not above it). That's where the President especially belongs!

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