Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#312 / Putting An End To Mary Poppins Politics

Commenting on the November 1, 2017, column of Andrew Malcolm seems fitting, as a follow-up to yesterday's posting about our need for a "transformative politics." Malcolm is a national politics columnist for the McClatchy Newspapers, and his November 1st column appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle under the headline, "How Washington Democrats have become irrelevant."

It is not easy for a lifelong Democrat to read what Malcolm has to say. It is particularly upsetting to  have to confront his words at a time when the Democratic Party is the only apparent alternative to a Republican Party that seems determined to do whatever is necessary to make the lives of ordinary Americans even more miserable than they already are, doubling down on any and every policy that might continue the transfer of the nation's wealth to those who are already super-rich, and throwing ordinary working families out on the street, or dooming them to cultural and economic deprivations that are making them susceptible to the destructive, racist "populism" that has become associated with our current president. Read my blog posting on Joe Simitian's trip to three different counties that "flipped" from Obama to Trump, if you want to think more about this phenomenon. 

"Resisting" Trump by supporting Democrats may not be the right prescription for what ails us. That is basically what Malcolm has to say. 

I think the column is worth reading. But be aware; Andrew Malcolm is no Mary Poppins. 

There is no "spoonful of sugar" here to make the medicine go down!

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