Friday, October 13, 2017

#286 / Better Living ... Without Chemistry

Shmuel Thaler
When I was growing up, the DuPont Corporation told us we could achieve "Better Living...Through Chemistry." That was sort of like the statement in The Graduate, advising that "plastics" was the "one word" that would open up a positive future for all aspiring young people, and for the nation at large. Chemistry and "plastics" definitely do go together.

As time went on, I became deeply skeptical about "plastics," and chemistry, and about all "synthetics," as the way forward to a better living or a better future.

A few weeks ago, in an article in my local paper, I learned that strawberry growers have discovered a "natural fumigation" technique, eliminating the need for methyl bromide and other synthetic chemicals dangerous to all life. The article is worth reading.

Isn't it time that we abandon our quest to build a "synthetic" world, and realize that our lives will be better without chemistry?

I'm pleased to find that this is what local strawberry farmers are starting to understand.

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