Friday, July 28, 2017

#209 / Home At Last

The main article in the August-September 2017 edition of National Wildlife, a magazine published by the National Wildlife Federation, is called "Home At Last." The article celebrates the return of bison to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. The painting above, created by Arturo Garcia, is featured in the magazine. Clicking this link will let you watch a seven-minute video, produced in this case by Defenders of Wildlife, documenting the return of the bison to the Great Plains. 

National Wildlife says that the vivid colors in the painting reflect, for Garcia, a "joyful life," and that "for the Shoshone and Arapaho people, the long-sought return of the buffalo is a source of joy."

I love the painting, and think that we will all experience much joy when we, like the buffalo, finally return to the World of Nature, into which we have been so mysteriously born, and which is, in fact, our ultimate and real home. 

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