Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#137 / And Now, Appearing Next....

Here is a guy who is getting ready to run for President in 2020. Really!

His name is Dwayne Johnson, though I guess he is better known as "The Rock." He is a professional wrestler, but has broken into the movies, too

Johnson's picture to the left is from Baywatch, a popular television show in which he appeared. He seems to be another Arnold Schwarzenegger, in terms of his upper body build and his apparent penchant for politics. 

The "Rock For President" drive began with a Washington Post columnist, Alyssa Rosenberg, who kicked it off with her column dated June 7, 2016

Rosenberg has recently said that her column was "lighthearted," and a "joke," but The Rock is certainly taking the idea seriously. In a comment that appeared in The Post on May 10, 2017, Johnson said it was about a year ago, around the time Alyssa Rosenberg published her essay explaining why Johnson would be a viable candidate, that the actor began thinking about running for office more seriously. He has, in fact, most recently discussed his political future in an article in Gentlemen's Quarterly. The article is titled, "Dwayne Johnson For President!" Looks like a movie set, and The Rock is in the starring role:

Johnson can clean up nicely, as demonstrated by the photograph below, which accompanied the original Rosenberg "joke" essay: 

Why should we worry? Why should we doubt?

The Rock is a television and movie personality, with roots in professional wrestling. We know that works, politically.

What could possibly go wrong?

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