Saturday, December 31, 2016

#366 / Birthday Girl

Today is my daughter Sonya's birthday. She was a New Year's Eve baby because of the tax advantages. Just one day later and there would have been no deduction. Hey, I'm a lawyer!

As I look back into the archives of this Two Worlds blog, I find that I have written about Sonya on a number of occasions (often adding references to my son, Philips, into the discussion, as well).

These postings, written on her birthdays, and at other times, bear titles like: "It's Embarrassing," "New Year's Eve," "A Father's Day Hike," "Sonya," "Merry Christmas," "The Bucket List, "Marathon," and "You're Not The Boss Of Me."

As we say in politics, "this is just a partial list...."

These past postings have celebrated my daughter (comparable recognition for my son). I hope they both know, and will always remember, how proud I am of them, and how grateful I am to have been associated with them for now over forty years!

In a very real way, our children do come to rescue us, to rescue the world that their elders are inevitably forced to leave behind. I am so happy, and so lucky, to have had Sonya as a leading member of the Rescue Patrol.

Happy Birthday, Sonya!!

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