Friday, December 2, 2016

#337 / Our Humble Planet

That is Stephen Hawking in the foreground. I think that's Mars, the "Red Planet," in the background. Mars is where Stephen Hawking thinks that human beings should be living. The environment there, the way I see it, does not seem welcoming. You might be excused, after seeing the picture above, if you thought that going to Mars could be like visiting the fires of Hell.

At any rate, according to a recent report, "the 74-year-old scientist warned that humans are using up Earth's ecological resources faster than it [sic] can be replenished." Given that fact, says Hawking, "we must go beyond our humble planet."

With all reasonable deference to Dr. Hawking and his fabulous intellect, might it not be better to rearrange our activities on Earth, during the next 1,000 years (which certainly gives us some time), so that we live within the resource constraints of  this "humble" planet?

That is exactly what I would propose, and in fact (again giving all deference due to Dr. Hawking), I think that is our only chance! 

Check it out folks: "A," or "B?"





That is the kind of question your optometrist asks. I know what I think. I am sticking with Earth. 

Earth may, indeed, be a "humble" planet, and though I have always been told that an appropriate level of humility is a virtue, I actually think our planet has got a lot to brag about!

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