Saturday, December 3, 2016

#338 / Heads Up

By clicking this link, you can read about a recent law, passed in Great Britain, that is described as "the most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy." Among other things, "the law will force internet providers to record every internet customer's top-level web history in real-time for up to a year, which can be accessed by numerous government departments, and it will also force companies to decrypt data on demand."

This does go beyond anything that the United States government is currently legally authorized to do, though our government may be doing it anyway; that is pretty much what the revelations made by Edward Snowden told us. 

I teach a Legal  Studies course at UCSC called, "Privacy, Technology, And Freedom." If you care about "freedom," then you had better start worrying about what "technology" is doing to the assumption  that there is any such thing as personal "privacy." 

Check the photo above.

Heads Up!

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