Monday, November 21, 2016

#326 / A Tribute To Tom

Tom Hayden died on October 23rd, and a few days later I mentioned the following piece of good advice from Tom, gleaned from an obituary that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle

A citizen [is] obliged not only to vote, but also to disagree with those [for whom] he [or she has] voted. Dissent has been crucial to positive social change.

Now, I can refer you to a tribute to Tom appearing in the November 14, 2016 edition of The Nation. Tom's authorship of The Port Huron Statement is featured in The Nation's brief retrospective, and I am providing a link, for those who have never read it.

It was the Port Huron Statement that first introduced me to the phrase that I continue to believe is the best definition of a healthy politics: 

Participatory Democracy

I have often put it this way: If we want to have self-government, we need to get involved in government ourselves.

The Nation begins its tribute to Tom by saying that Tom "rests in peace," though its tribute ends with a wish that Tom will have "good luck organizing the angels."

If participatory democracy is our objective, "resting" isn't in the playbook!

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  1. Thank you for publishing this important social, political, economic document by Tom Hayden et al in 1962; it rings true for our current "We the People = The 99% of Us" who are fighting to protect Humanity and our Planet, now in 2016/2017...

  2. You are welcome! I completely agree with your evaluation of the Port Huron Statement.


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