Friday, October 21, 2016

#295 / Small Talk

In an article published in the October 1-2 edition of The Wall Street Journal, freelance writer Jennifer Breheny Wallace says there are "big benefits" to a little small talk. The illustration above outlines her concept. We can grow our understanding by appropriating ideas and information we get from others, from others who are different from us.

According to Wallace, we miss our opportunity to expand the world in which we live if we focus in on what our cell phones are telling us. Almost always, the media and information sources we most frequently consult tell us things we already know, or give us information that reinforces our current understandings of the world. 

Successful "small talk," with those with whom we have "weak ties," will actually strengthen our own sense of well being. 

That's what Wallace says, and that's a "big benefit."

She's got some hints in her article. 

I think she's right!

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