Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#236 / Dilbert Explains Trump

The August 20-21 edition of The Wall Street Journal carried an article by James Taranto, Editor of The Journal's "Opinion" section. I recommend it for those puzzling over what is going on in the current presidential campaigns.

Taranto's article, a "weekend interview with Scott Adams," is titled, "Dilbert Explains Donald Trump." Taranto credits Adams (the Dilbert cartoonist) with being a "self-taught expert in persuasion theory." According to Adams, Trump is a master of political persuasion, and this explains his political success.

Adams also says that the reason that Hillary Clinton is up in the polls, right now, is because she has started to use the same techniques employed by Trump. "I am speculating," says Adams/"Dilbert," that someone [who] was on the Sanders team may have jumped ship to Clinton's team, because her persuasion game went from terrible to world-class almost instantly."

Now, Hillary is expressing a "dark" view of Trump. That resonates with the public, says Dilbert. I think he is right on target!

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