Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#222 / Postscript

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, a couple of days after I had written to similar effect in this Two Worlds blog, The New York Times columnist Timothy Egan warned the nation that if Donald Trump loses the presidency in this November's election, Trump is going to "try to bring down our democracy with him."

Egan's column quoted Trump's "overlooked comment;" namely, Trump's statement that he is "afraid the election is going to be rigged.” This statement, said Egan, is "the opening move in a scheme to delegitimize the outcome" of the election. 

Egan's column ran under the title, "Trump's Crybaby Inaugural" in the print edition of The Times. The online version of the column was titled, "The Sore Loser Uprising."

Please read Egan's column, and start talking about this subject with friends and acquaintances. The best defense to any effort to delegitimize our democracy is to discuss and discredit such an effort in advance. 

I think it would be a good idea for those who care about democracy to read or reread my own thoughts on this topic, too.

Just as a "P.S." to what Egan says, it appears that there are at least some in the Democratic Party who might suggest that a Trump victory, if the election went that way, could not be considered "legitimate." 

Tensions are running high in our national politics this year, as is natural, when we consider how high the stakes are in the presidential election in November. Bill Maher is calling it an "armageddon election." 

Let's be sure that whichever candidate is the winner, our democracy is not a casualty. 

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