Thursday, May 26, 2016

#147 / Should We Pay Attention To This Kid?

Pictured above is Nathan J. Robinson. Nathan J. Robinson is a PhD student in Sociology & Social Policy at Harvard University. He is, as you can tell from the picture, very young. Here is a link to Robinson's official biography and publications list. You don't even have to click; I'll tell you. There are NO entries. There are ZERO entries, at least at the time I am writing this.

Despite the lack of any entries in his online publications list, Mr. Robinson has, in fact, written something. What he has written is an article in Current Affairs, A Magazine of Politics and Culture. Robinson's article, dated February 26, 2016, is titled, "Unless The Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means A Trump Presidency." I read the article, and was intrigued (actually, I was impressed), and I decided to track down Mr. Robinson, and find out who he was. I did not expect to find out that he was just a "kid."

This is my "because old" bias showing! My apologies for using that term. I hope it will be taken in good humor. Having read Robinson's article with no knowledge of who he was, I was just not prepared for a "young person" as the author of what I thought was a very thoughtful and rather compelling opinion piece, outlining an argument that Bernie Sanders will be a much stronger Presidential candidate against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton would be.

That does happen to be my opinion (and it was my opinion even before reading Robinson's article), but I am willing to wager that lots of those who might read this blog posting will not share my thoughts in this matter. 

So, if you don't share my thoughts, please take a few minutes to read what Nathan J. Robinson has to say.  

If you happen to be a Democratic Party "Superdelegate," Robinson's article really ought to be required reading. 

Should we be paying any attention to what this kid has to say?

I think we had better!

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  1. One of my Facebook friends just reposted this blog entry (originally published in May 2016) and noted, as of November 9, 2016, that it would have been VERY GOOD had the Democratic Party taken his 'kid's" advice!!!


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