Friday, May 27, 2016

#148 / Earth On Fire

A large part of Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada, has pretty much burned to the ground. An article in the May 11, 2016 edition of The New York Times was titled this way: "Warming Seen as Lit Match in Northern Forests." Here is a mapped picture of the region at risk: 

We have assumed, always, that our Mother Earth will sustain and support our human lives, and will allow us, always, to carry out our own projects, and to be certain that the World of Nature will "be there" for us, a constant, mothering presence upon which we can rely. 

No more can we allow ourselves such thoughts!

We must either recognize the primacy of the World of Nature, and begin reversing those destructive processes which we have put in motion, or we will set fire to the Earth entire.

Despair is not the appropriate response.

The appropriate response is an end to the burning fossil fuels. Period. As soon as we can. We are already behind. We need to move quickly. 

Global warming is a "lit match" in the northern forests that sustain life on this planet. We need to put away the matches, and to put out the fire that is threatening to burn down our home.

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