Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#117 / King For King And Queen For Queen

Houston, Texas flooded in May 2015. It has flooded again in April 2016, with at least seven people dead this time around. 

This is just what I was talking about in the posting I made yesterday. 

We had better pay attention. 

Well, it's sugar for sugar 
And salt for salt 
If you go down in the flood 
It's gonna be your own fault

 Oh mama,
You gonna miss your best friend now 
You're gonna have to find yourself 
Another best friend, somehow

Image Credits: 
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  1. I've been to Houston. I know what it's like.

    Houston was built in a swamp. That's why it's so wet and humid there. It's a floodplain.

    When people build in a floodplain, their buildings get flooded.

    I learned this 40 years ago in Earth Science classes.

  2. Here's what my father taught me:

    1) When its raining, watch where the water goes.

    2) Don't build your house there.


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