Monday, March 28, 2016

#88 / The Nordic Track

There is a company called NordicTrack that makes exercise equipment. One of their products is pictured above. I am all for exercise, but today I am thinking about another "Nordic Track," the one that is now politically linked to Bernie Sanders, who is pictured below.

Anu Partanen is a journalist based in New York. She is also the author of a forthcoming book called, The Nordic Theory of Everything. Partanen wrote an article for The Atlantic, published on March 16th, titled "What Americans Don't Get About Nordic Countries." Except for Bernie Sanders, of course. He gets it. That's where I got the Bernie Sanders' photo, from that article in The Atlantic.

Partanen's article is worth reading; or, you can just focus on the following line from the article that made me think that we might just want to pay some attention to how they do things in Denmark, and Finland, and the other Scandinavian countries: 

This is what Americans fail to understand: My taxes in Finland were used to pay for top-notch services for me.

What Partanen is saying, to cut to the chase, is that we all are better off (individually) when we pool resources and act together. What a concept!

When Hillary Clinton says, "We are not Denmark," I'm forced to agree. We don't currently live in a country that pools our national resources to make life better for everyone, both collectively and individually. 

Of course, we could live in such a country (and without moving to Scandinavia, either)!

It might be time to start exercising on that Nordic Track!

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