Tuesday, December 8, 2015

# 342 / Tell You Everything ... I Want You To Know

The advisory above is probably a pretty good piece of advice with respect to how our personal relationships should be arranged.

Why couldn't it work with respect to how the government treats us?

According to an article in the November 28, 2015 edition of The New York Times, the Obama Administration is now taking the position that the United States Inspector-General is not entitled to see all of the government's records, when the Inspector-General is investigating possible governmental abuses. 

Instead, the Administration is taking the position that it will tell the Inspector-General "everything the government wants the Inspector-General to know."

Since the Inspector-General is working on behalf of the people, who are supposed to be in charge of the government, the Administration's policy raises a substantial question about whether the people are actually in charge of the government, or whether the government somehow thinks itself autonomous, and independent, with no accountability to the people or the people's representatives.

It is particularly galling to realize that the government is attempting to assert its right to know everything about every citizen and resident, even to the point that it is stealing our emails and website searches without any notice whatsoever, but will not make official governmental records available to a governmental official who is specifically charged with investigating governmental abuse.

I'm pretty sure that our government's behavior demonstrates, virtually conclusively, that we don't have a "true relationship."

It's up to us to make sure we establish one. That is, if we do want to be in charge of the government that we have been taught to think is working for us!

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