Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#216 / Superhero City

Joe Mathews writes a column for the San Francisco Chronicle called "Connecting California." I really liked his column on July 26th, titled "Our superhero obsession avoids inconvenient truths." I recommend it. It's a very quick read.

Mathews' point? Well, here's what I'd use as the pull quote: 

Given our collective sense of powerlessness in an age of gridlock and inequality, our devotion to superheroes is understandable. But it’s also a way of avoiding the inconvenient truth that progress, in any realm, requires bringing many different people together behind a common goal.

When we operate on the basis of "we," not "me," our (collective) strength and power is increased. 

Forget Ironman (pictured above). Consider, instead, the illustration below. 

Braided together, we are stronger than any single strand. Weaving the connection is what politics is all about!

Image Credits:
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