Monday, June 15, 2015

#166 / Have I Got A Deal For You!

Pictured above is a lovely "coffee table book." It measures something like 12" wide x 17" high x 1" thick, with beautiful, glossy photographs. 

Let me be clear that the "beautiful" photographs aren't always of "beautiful" subjects. The book documents the overdevelopment and overpopulation of the natural world. Read through the book and you will likely agree that an "overshoot" is taking place. We are overshooting the ability of the Natural World to sustain the world that we create, the world of our human civilization. 

If you agree with the premise that every part of our human creation does, in the end, depend on the Natural World, this book is definitely issuing a warning.

Maybe we ought to being paying attention. 

Maybe this book will help draw our attention to the problems of overdevelopment and overpopulation. That's the idea. 

You can check out the campaign website of Global Population Speakout by clicking the link. The website will help you understand the kind of organizing efforts that are accompanying the release of the book.

You can also reference the book online, if you'd like to. Just click this link. You can also purchase the book, of course, but I am going to offer you another way to get a copy. 

Want a copy? Free? Have I got a deal for you!

If you would like to own a copy of this book, I have FIVE copies to give away free. A kind of contest is going to be involved, and the lucky winners must be able to pick up the book personally, in Santa Cruz, California. 

Here's how it's going to work:

  • One easy way to do that, of course, is through your social media contacts, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  • You should publicize the Global Population Speakout campaign between now and June 30th, and then email me some proof you did that. The proof should include the URL to your personal online reference to the campaign, and/or an indication of how you otherwise have attempted to "get the word out." 
  • I will keep track of those persons who do publicize the campaign, and who let me know they did, and then I will hold a "drawing" for the six books from among those who sent me a verification of their participation. I will give a free copy of the book to the five lucky drawing winners. 
  • If you'd like to follow up on this incredible free offer, please check out the Global Population Speakout campaign website, and then take action to alert others. When you have publicized the campaign, email me with some evidence of how you have done that. When you do, you'll be in the drawing!
  • Here is the correct email address to use when you email me: gapatton [at] 

I am making this offer to those who read this blog, and also to those who listen to the KUSP Land Use Report.

Thanks for helping to get the word out about Global Overdevelopment / Overpopulation / Overshoot!

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