Monday, December 1, 2014

#336 / Blogs And Books

I have always assumed that "one of these days" I would get around to writing a book. I do, after all, have lots of books around the house. I do love books! 

Instead of a book, as it turns out, I find that I am writing a blog. So far, I have put up about 1,800 blog entries, on the basis of one blog entry per day. A while back, in one of those blog entries, I speculated that these blog postings could really become "notes" for a book.

Maybe so. 

But maybe not. 

The Association of Publishers For Special Sales, which is where I got the image for today's entry, says "books and blogs go together." But their concept posits that the "book" comes first. 

I seem to be going about it the other way around. 

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  1. I did it the blogs-to-book path. Actually, it started before blogs were invented.

    The genesis of "The Environmeddlers," came from emails, my web sites and essays published both digitally and physically in an 80s newsletter, "Wally Word," about environmentalism in Alaska.

    Writing a book is an exercise in persistence. It's not particularly hard, it just takes determination and dedication to sit down and put words in a row. And edit them. Over and over. And proof them. Over and over.

    Then, at some point, the author declares the book done! That's when the hard work starts, the hard work I hate. Publishing! (Yuch)

    An author has two choices: self-publish or find an agent/publisher. Both are onerous tasks that should never be visited on any normal thinking, creative person. Publishing requires emersion in the worst of the capitalist adventure. Over and over. It’s stultifying, disappointing, insulting, incredibly frustrating.

    The worst part is that, in order to sell a book in the publishing industry, one has to write a book that will sell, not a book that satisfies the creative intent of the author. Two worlds.



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