Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#310 / Double Portrait

In writing my daily entries to this Two Worlds blog, I often have recourse to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. The last time I consulted Wikipedia, I noticed an appeal for a contribution, and when I did contribute (which seems only fair, since I use Wikipedia virtually every day), I not only got a "thank you" screen, but also a nice reference to Wikipedia's "Article of the Day," which somehow got me to an entry on P.S. Kroyer's paintings of Marie, which is where I got the image above.

The painting above, from 1890, is a "double portrait." The painting of Marie was by done by P.S. Kroyer, and then the painting of P.S. Kroyer was done by Marie. 

Having been married a long time, it is my finding that any truly intimate connection between two people does result in each one of them "painting" the other, metaphorically at least, creating in that work the image that defines their mutual reality. Marriage, of course, is only one example of such a connection. 

My advice, from my own experience, is to paint always with sympathy. Our portraits come to life as we create them.

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