Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#260 / Brackets

The Democracy Center "works globally to advance social, economic and environmental justice, by helping citizens understand and influence the public issues that impact their lives." It's a group well worth knowing. 

Recently, because I subscribe to bulletins from The Democracy Center, I found out about another group, Earth In Brackets. The image above is from the [Earth] Facebook page. As you can see, [Earth] thinks that "Another World Is Possible." They don't mean the World of Nature. They mean the world that we create. Here is how [Earth] presents itself on Facebook: 

College of the Atlantic students involved in the environmental and sustainable development politics arena. We tweet, we blog, we shout: earthinbrackets.org 
Rabble rousing. [Earth] is student run and aims to inform and support the existing youth movements in environmental and social politics. Another world is possible, and we want to amplify the voices of those struggling for and celebrating that world. 
Brackets are used during international meetings to denote text that's controversial. If countries can't agree, the bracketed text is removed. The Earth is now in brackets until our governments put aside self-interest and agree on a way forward.

The College of the Atlantic is physically located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Seems like an unlikely place for a global revolution to originate. 

Not, however, an impossible place. Pick a place; any place. Pick Santa Cruz, California. Pick your own current location. A global revolution can begin right there, too! The Democracy Center was founded by Jim Schultz, originally from Whittier, California, President Nixon's home town. It is now based in Cochabamba, Bolivia

[Earth] / [The Future] / [Human Civilization] / [The Lives of Our Grandchildren]

It's up to us. We can all start removing those brackets. 

Anywhere we happen to be.

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  1. Thanks Gary, for again making a lot of sense and getting the word out there!

  2. My pleasure, Harpo! Thanks for this nice note.


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