Thursday, December 12, 2013

#346 / Dutch Oven Danger

Pictured is a "Dutch Oven." This is a cooking device, available for purchase on Amazon for $30.99. Until about a week ago, this was the only kind of "Dutch Oven" I knew about. 

Because our social media provides lots of bizarre stories to titillate our sensibilities, I now know that "Dutch Oven" has another meaning, too. Check out the definition provided in the Urban Dictionary. I actually don't feel much like repeating it here.

What led me to the contemporary definition of "Dutch Oven" was a story, dated in 2007, still being widely distributed through the social media, titled "Husband Convicted of Manslaughter After Dutch Oven Goes 'Horribly Wrong.'" You can read the story by clicking the link. Again, I actually don't feel much like repeating it here. You should also know, if you do choose to read the story, that, which makes its living by debunking information appearing on the internet, rates this story as "False." I would hope so.

The false story about the "Dutch Oven" gone "Horribly Wrong" is a story about death by methane asphyxiation. 

On a more global scale, that could actually happen to all of us. There really is a potential problem out there. Click the link to read about the true danger of a methane-fueled "Dutch Oven" assault on Planet Earth. As I noted in my posting last Saturday, citing to Scientific American, whose reputation for veracity is good, global warming is "increasing the risk of mass extinction." 

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  1. Yep, methane release from a melting arctic is one of the positive feedback actions which can occur due to global warming.


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