Thursday, October 31, 2013

#304 / Scary #2

Halloween may be just the right day to point out that a significant part of that "human world" that we create may actually be "invisible" to us, and therefore not something we think about very much. The results of ignoring these human-created but invisible realities could be scary. 

Concerned activists are trying to get people to pay attention to the possible dangers of electromagnetic and microwave radiation, which now permeates our environment, and which may, indeed, cause real health and other dangers, as these human-created radiation sources interfere with the biological realities of the World of Nature. 

A fairly recent DVD, called "Take Back Your Power" would be worth seeing, should you care to bring this invisible modification of the Natural World into a visible form, to allow for public education and public debate.

From my point of view, the possible dangers associated with the rapid expansion of the invisible "electromagnetic world" that we are creating, is just one more example of why we should apply the "Precautionary Principle" before we start making fundamental transformations to our environment.

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