Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#225 / Get Used To It

Here are the words of Andrew Dressler of Texas A&M University, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, in a story published on August 2nd:

This is the future. Get used to it. 

This is a reminder, just in case you haven't already figured out that the physical laws that govern the World of Nature will determine what happens in the world we most immediately inhabit. 

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  1. Yes, this is true. And those laws are not unidirectional!

    Climate variation, as revealed by geological studies, goes both warm and hot. There is no evidence to suggest that the Modern Warming period will continue indefinitely. It never has in the geologic past, even with atmospheric CO2 levels far higher than today, and increasing far more rapidly.

    And what do we do if we put all of our "sustainability" eggs in the Global Warming basket, and it never comes to pass?

    Rather than preparing for Global Warming as the only possible scenario, we would be far better off as societies to become more resilient no matter how the climate changes. It's like being self-sufficient as an individual: no matter what happens one is better able to take care of oneself in changing conditions.


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