Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#226 / Oh Wilderness

The Tahoe National Forest is not officially designated as wilderness, but you can get "out there" pretty far. Pictured is a view heading down from Sand Ridge. Not only are the views spectacular (that is Downey Lake in the background), but there is cell phone coverage and internet access along the ridge. 

Maybe not having cell phone coverage or internet access ought to be incorporated into the definition of "wilderness." While on Sand Ridge, I downloaded 387 emails (from the two days I had been out hiking, up to that time). This led to the campsite activity pictured below. My son Philips was taken a bit aback, thinking that reading email by the campfire is not really what a Sierra mountain trip is supposed to be all about. 

Philips was reading Lacuna, a book by Barbara Kingsolver. It's a good book, too! A lot better than the emails I got, I'm pretty sure!

Photo Credits:
Gary A. Patton; Philips Patton

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