Sunday, March 24, 2013

#83 / Sonya

My daughter Sonya (shown with her children, and my grandchildren, Dylan and Delaney Drottar) is what you might call a "hard worker." She is a bilingual hospital social worker; she sells fashion clothes; she runs a thriving eBay store that actually makes money; she teaches courses that show families how to overcome domestic violence; and she does on-call social work for her own, and sometimes other hospitals. Five jobs. Plus that mother thing. 

Today, the Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a self-promoting advertisement that said, "Words Make Worlds."

I agree with the Sentinel (in this observation, anyway), and believe that this insight about how we create the world that we most immediately inhabit is actually a profoundly important statement of what it means to be human.

"Work" makes our world, too. Creating a human world that has never seen before is what we "do," as human beings, and our "work" is what brings that world into reality. Dreaming of, and creating the human world: that is our glory.

Am I a proud parent?

Oh, yeah! 

Proud of Sonya. Proud of Philips.

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