Monday, March 25, 2013

#84 / Getting The Frogs To Jump

Readers of these postings are almost certain to have heard about "how to boil a frog." The Rapture Ready Website, from which the above illustration was taken, is preoccupied with a perceived "breakdown in moral values." My preoccupations tend to center around our human interactions with the natural environment and the evaporation of genuine self-government in the United States, which more or less invented the concept, a couple of hundred years ago. However applied, the warning lesson taught by the "how to boil a frog" story is clear

A frog placed into a pan of water with a low flame under it will slowly be boiled alive, the temperature change being too small for the frog to notice. If we were to toss the frog into water that's already boiling, the frog would leap out. This scenario is exactly what is occurring today ... 

If we are, in terms of moral breakdown, or global warming, or in some other way, truly being boiled like frogs in a pot, the question I keep asking myself is how to find a way to get those frogs to jump?

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