Wednesday, September 8, 2010

250 / What Would You Do...

In Cuzco, we stayed at Casa Andina Classic - Cusco San Blas, which is a very nice mid-priced hotel. It has wheel-in oxygen tanks, for those who need them, and a very nice breakfast is included in the price of the room. As noted earlier, that breakfast includes not only all the normal stuff, but coca leaves, too. I don't know if I'd call coca leaves "delicious," but "efficacious," yes.

The illustration is of the coffee urns found on the breakfast buffet at Casa Andina. Please notice that they are wearing a warm outer garment, which would be called a "tea cozy" if it covered a teapot. The point, of course, is to save heat, and (since these are plugged in electric coffee urns) to save electricity, too. In a world now ever more sensitive to global warming, they are a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When I saw these "coffeepot cozies," which I have never seen anywhere else, I immediately thought that this little action was intended to help save the world. Somehow, because so unexpected, I was moved by this recognition, so far from home, of the disaster that confronts us.

My question to myself is: What would I do ... to save my life ... to save the world.

We need to do a lot more than coffee cozies. But I think every little bit counts!

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