Friday, September 2, 2016

#246 / LOTS Of Bikes

There are LOTS of bikes in Amsterdam. The picture shows just a few of the bikes parked at the City's central railway station. Adjacent is a five story parking garage, crammed with bikes (not cars). They are building more spaces. Click here for a lot of "fun facts" about bicycles in Amsterdam. 

Not so much fun is what happens to clueless pedestrians (yours truly as an example) who are run down by bicycles that come from all directions, and yes, you were walking in a bike lane without even knowing it!

My apologies!

Did I mention that Amsterdam is FLAT? 

I don't think this system works very well when there are significant hills to climb. In Amsterdam, though, it does work just fine. out when you visit the Rijksmuseum. That is just one of the places where an inexperienced pedestrian is likely to be flattened by a bike!

Image Credit:
Gary A. Patton, Personal Photo

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