Thursday, September 1, 2016

#245 / Montmirail

Pictured is a little village in France called Montmirail, where I am visiting my sister Nancy and her husband Rick, who run a bed and breakfast called Maison Conti. I definitely recommend the accommodations, which are wonderful, and which include an artists' studio (click the link to check out the facilities). However, if you'd like to drop by sometime (reservations are definitely recommended) don't get confused. 

Maison Conti is in Montmirail (Sarthe). There is a Montmirail (Marne), too, and while that looks very pleasant, there isn't any Maison Conti in that Montmirail. Apparently, guests have made that mistake, and have gone to the wrong place, and since the two Montmirails aren't that close to each other, this is not a mistake you'd want to make.

You would want to visit Montmirail (Sarthe). I am planning to take a walk!

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(2) - Gary Patton personal photograph

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