Saturday, July 6, 2024

#188 / Guess I'd Better Read That Book

On the day I wrote the blog posting you are reading now (I think I wrote it out on March 24, 2024), I got a nice little comment from a colleague at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The comment I received on that day was a reaction to my blog posting published on March 14th. My colleague sent me an unaccompanied, but expressive, little heart: 

That March 14, 2024, blog posting was titled, "Answering An Important Question." I am pretty sure that what my colleague liked was how I concluded that blog posting: 

Why the rich have so much power is a pretty important question, and I want to suggest an answer. The rich have so much power because the rest of us don't use our own.

I have a feeling that Adbusters' most recent publication is intended to go forward from where I left off. Adbusters' latest is titled, Manifesto For World Revolution. Here is a brief excerpt from the Prologue:

I tend to think that individual acts of creative dissent aren't, by themselves, going to be quite enough. I do continue to believe that "Organize" is a word that needs to be elevated in our vocabulary, and that we need to "organize," in multiple ways, in our real life. That said, it may well be that Adbusters has some ideas worth thinking about. 

The problems we face are real - and gigantic, and are momentous in their import. Some fundamental changes need to be made. 

I guess I'd better read that book!


  1. The problem is peace. Just because there has not been WW III, even though there have been innumerable military skirmishes, there has been such unprecedented wealth that the billionaire oligarchy can afford to have their bribes start at a million dollars. Few don't succumb to such bribery

  2. AMEN! - Gary Patton


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