Friday, June 21, 2024

#173 / Being Friends May Manifest Itself As Winning


That is Donte DiVincenzo, pictured, making a dunk. While Wikipedia barely mentions it (click right here for the Wikipedia writeup), DiVincenzo used to play for the Golden State Warriors. Now, he plays for the New York Knickerbockers, popularly called, "the Knicks."

A story in The New York Times, published on April 20, 2024, notes that DiVincenzo's switch from the Warriors to the Knicks, which occurred at the end of last season, in July of 2023, was not as difficult as it might have been because DiVincenzo had some friends on his new team. Here are some statements made in the story: 

  • Studies show that people who have friends in the workplace may perform better.
  • Researchers who study social networks in workplaces have found that having friends at work can make employees more productive and successful, not to mention happier.
  • Being Friends May Manifest As Winning On the Court [headline]. 
I have, for some time, been providing the following advice to readers of this blog: "Find Some Friends." 

This blog is not focused on basketball, of course, but on "politics." However, the advice about hooking up with some friends is good in each case. 

So, consider this blog posting as a reminder! We will be able to reestablish and retain "self-government" in this country only to the extent that we can sustain a politics that derives from, and represents, "ordinary people." If we want a politics that works, and that's what I want, we are going to have to get involved with our friends. That is what we need to do, anyway, if we want to "manifest as winning."

And frankly, folks, we can't afford to lose!

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