Wednesday, June 5, 2024

#157 / "You Just Ended Your Campaign"


The picture of our former president, above, shows him as he exits a courtroom in New York City, after a jury had just found him guilty of thirty-four violations of the law - all felonies.

In the Saturday, June 1, 2024, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, columnist Joe Garofoli wrote about the verdict in an article headlined as follows: "Trump verdict may impact state races." Here is a short excerpt (with emphasis added): 

Four California Republicans are facing tough reelection challengers after narrowly winning their seats in 2022: Reps. Mike Garcia in Los Angeles County, Ken Calvert in Riverside County, and Reps. David Valadao and John Duarte in the Central Valley. All are rated “toss up” by the nonpartisan analysts at the Cook Political Report, meaning that “either party has a good chance of winning.” 

The reaction so far from those candidates: largely silence.

Calvert didn’t mention Trump. Instead, he railed on “partisan prosecutors.”

“Americans who believe that justice should be blind to politics and administered equally should be concerned with today’s outcome,” Calvert posted on X.

With Republicans holding a narrow four-seat majority, the road to controlling the House runs through California.

Republican Senate candidate Steve Garvey, who did not attend the California Republican Party convention in May, declined to comment. Then again, he hasn’t been saying much during his campaign against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

California Republicans might fear the swift reaction from Trump’s camp directed at former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a moderate Republican who is running for an open Senate seat that is rated “likely Democrat.” Hogan, who has butted heads with Trump in the past, wrote on X Thursday, “Regardless of the result, I urge all Americans to respect the verdict and the legal process. At this dangerously divided moment in our history, all leaders — regardless of party — must not pour fuel on the fire with more toxic partisanship. We must reaffirm what has made this nation great: the rule of law.”

The response from top Trump campaign official Chris LaCivita: “You just ended your campaign.”

The Trump for president campaign, in other words, has just told a Republican Party candidate that he should (and will) lose his effort to be elected to the United States Senate because that candidate says that "the rule of law" is what has made this country great. 

If you think people are hyperventilating at the possibility that Donald J. Trump might once again be elected to the presidency, I think it's clear why. 

Donald J. Trump does NOT believe in the "rule of law." He believes that he should be exempt from all the rules that seem to apply to everyone else. 

But not to him!

Those following the Trump campaign, and who have read up on his extensive preparations radically to restructrue government, if elected in November, should take seriously what Trump's campaign spokesperson just admitted. 

If the nation elects Donald J. Trump to the presidency, then you can kiss the "rule of law" goodbye!

The stakes are pretty high!!

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