Wednesday, May 1, 2024

#122 / Let's Establish An "American Model"

Today's blog posting is just a short little statement, which references an article that appeared in the December 29, 2023, edition of The New York Times. Online, that article was titled, "Tesla Strike Is A Culture Clash: Swedish Labor vs. American Management." 

Another article, from The Washington Post, addresses the same subject. 

Non-subscribers might have a problem accessing either The Times or The Post. Therefore, I am reproducing a couple of paragraphs from The Times' article that attracted my attention:

The Tesla technicians who walked off their jobs in Sweden say they still support the mission of the American company and its headline-grabbing chief executive. But they also want Tesla to accept the Swedish way of doing business.

They call it the Swedish Model, a way of life that has defined the country’s economy for decades. At its heart is cooperation between employers and employees to ensure that both sides benefit from a company’s profit (emphasis added).

Here's my statement. Here's what came to mind, as I read The New York Times' article I have linked above: 

Let's Make Sure That The "Swedish Model" Becomes The "American Model"

Investors and owners dominate the corporations that help make it possible for our economy to produce wonderful things. But EVERYONE who contributes to economic success should be rewarded. That most definitely includes the "workers," who actually do all the work. 

Fair? If you think so, here's that statement one more time again: 

Let's Make Sure That The "Swedish Model" Becomes The "American Model"

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