Monday, April 8, 2024

#99 / Leadership Requires Killing People. Sorry!

Do you need me to identify the person who is pictured above (the person who is responsible for the statement that I am displaying as my title for today)? I didn't think so (but query whether you would be able to identify that person fifty-six years from now)! 

At any rate, here is the quote that sent me to my keyboard, to make certain that anyone reading this blog post will think, at least a little bit, about the assertion made in my blog title. My title was extracted from a New York Times column by Maureen Dowd

“Every leader kills people,” [Tucker] Carlson said blithely, adding, “Leadership requires killing people, sorry.”

Tucker said it, so I guess that settles that question, right?

Well, maybe not! It could be that there is a "define leadership" issue raised by that statement by Tucker Carlson

Carlson's fawning over the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was questioned by Maureen Dowd, and I am suggesting that Dowd, in fact, was absolutely right to question Carlson's statement. Carlson appears to have confused "killing people" with "leadership." 

One of our greatest leaders, of course, died before Tucker Carlson was even born, and maybe that is why Carlson is so out of touch with what genuine leadership is all about. The leader I am talking about never killed anybody, though somebody killed him (and just because he was a leader).

So, do you need me to identify the leader I am talking about, the person who is pictured below? I bet you don't - even though he was killed fifty-six years ago!


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