Thursday, April 4, 2024

#95 / Travel Advisory: Don't Miss Iguazu!

In the Saturday/Sunday, February 17-18 edition of The Wall Street Journal, Hannah Seligson dished out some pretty good advice on what she called a "Friendcation." 

The hardcopy version of Seligson's article, appearing in the "Adventure & Travel" section of The Journal, was titled, "Friends to the End - of This Trip." If you want to take a vacation with "friends," she cautioned, be aware that this enterprise might well signal the end of the friendship. The illustration chosen for Seligson's article is found at the bottom of this blog post. The image well conveys the idea!

If you are able to access Seligson's article, and it is relevant to your future plans, please do read it, and consider her advice and suggestions, which seem pretty good to me. I am writing this blog posting, however, not really to comment on that advice, but just to pass on a personal recommendation that would be worth considering with respect to any upcoming vacation that may take you to Brazil. This is not a recommendation that requires that you travel with friends. 

One of the "disputes" that Seligson featured in her article, pointing out the problems that can arise when friends travel together, outlined a situation in which one of the friends on a "Friendcation" to Rio de Janeiro wanted to take in a Taylor Swift concert, and in order to make that possible for all who were on the trip, actively discouraged (and ultimately prevented) a trip to Iguazu Falls in which others were interested.
Iguazu Falls are the largest waterfall system in the world. The falls are shown above, in a picture I took myself. If you do visit Iguazu, you can take a boat, like the one in the illustration below, to contemplate the Falls from the bottom. My picture shows Iguazu Falls from the top. 

Nothing against Taylor Swift, but if you do have a chance to see Iguazu, don't miss it! That's my advice. Bring your friends, or not. Your choice. Just don't miss Iguazu!

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