Tuesday, April 2, 2024

#93 / Save Me, Please!


The British Broadcasting Company had an article on its website from which I obtained the picture above. Below, you can read how the article begins. Click this link if you would like to go to the BBC Website for the entire story: 

Climate Change: Polar Bears Face Starvation Threat As Ice Melts
Some polar bears face starvation as the Arctic sea ice melts because they are unable to adapt their diets to living on land, scientists have found.
The iconic Arctic species normally feed on ringed seals that they catch on ice floes offshore. 
But as the ice disappears in a warming world, many bears are spending greater amounts of time on shore, eating bird's eggs, berries and grass. 
However the animals rapidly lose weight on land, increasing the risk of death.
'Polar-bear capital' warms too fast for the bears
Migrating species crucial to planet under threat
World breaches 1.5C warming threshold for full year

I don't believe that many of us have yet fully grasped the fact that it is, really, our own human actions that have caused, and are causing, the climate and other changes that are occuring on Planet Earth - and that directly affect us, and every other living thing, Polar Bears included. If we are paying attention, though, we should understand that human beings are actually the reason that Minnesota didn't have a real winter this year, and that Polar Bears are facing extinction in the Arctic.

If a Polar Bear asked you to save its life, would you do that? Would you try?

If you would, then I have just shown you a picture of a Polar Bear that is making exactly that request, so those who would like to help save the life of that Polar Bear - and of all possible future Polar Bears - need to do something. 

If you, and I, and all of us, want to try to save Polar Bears, we will need to make radical changes to our own current lives, both individually, and even more importantly, collectively. 

We will need to stop allocating so much of our time to pursuing our own plans, and start spending that time in every kind of effort possible that can help reverse the processes of global warming that our past actions have put in motion. 

What would you do if a Polar Bear said, "Save Me, Please"?

They are asking. It is our time to respond!

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