Friday, March 29, 2024

#89 / Absolutely Weird!


I could, perhaps, have added a word to the title I have applied to today's blog posting, and called this blog posting, "Absolutely Weird News." 

See if you think that Absolute News and the news service it provides is as "weird" as I do. 

Let me begin by outlining my connection with Absolute News:

  • First, there IS a website called, "Absolute News," as linked above. 
  • Second, Absolute News sends me lots of daily bulletins, which I think are "weird." 
  • Third, I have no recollection of ever having signed up for these bulletins. 
  • Fourth, the bulletins from Absolute News are sent to me at a Yahoo email address, which I must have set up twenty years ago, or more, and which I never utilize to send email. Although sent to a Yahoo email address, the Absolute News daily bulletins do show up in my main computer inbox, which consolidates all emails sent to me, at all of my various email addresses. That means that I always have a chance to read these Absolute News bulletins.
The Absolute News website contains virtually no information on who is putting out the "Absolute News" that it delivers. A contact address is listed in Gilbert, Arizona, located southeast of Phoenix. According to Wikipedia, Gilbert was once known as the "hay shipping capital of the world." Besides providing the contact address in Gilbert, the Absolute News website tells readers the following:

The team ... at Absolute News has complete respect for your convictions, values, and time. Our number one goal is to publish truthful, unbiased news covering the nation’s most pressing issues. Our team is committed to truthful reporting, whether we’re covering politics, controversial threats to our constitutional freedoms, or any other event.... 
We aim to give you exactly what you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world around you. We want you to walk away with just what you need to start a dialogue with your family and friends. No judgment. Just truth and facts.
The Absolute News Impact features on Absolute News focus on the big picture, including threats to the American way of life and our traditional freedoms. We’re here to keep you informed.

As I have said, I don't remember signing up for Absolute News bulletins that I receive, but it's possible that I might have. I do try to keep myself up to date on "politics," and "threats to our constitutional freedoms," and the "most pressing issues" facing the nation. And I do try to make sure that I get information from sources that do not necessarily align with my own political predispositions.

Admittedly, Absolute News does produce some articles that deal with the kind of political topics I just outlined. But here is what is weird: The news bulletins that are emailed to me are almost always about incidents in which someone was killed - and not as they sought to "defend the American way of life and our traditional freedoms," either. The "most pressing issues facing the nation," as reported on by Absolute News, include mothers killing their children, young people being run over by cars, etc. 

Here is a partial listing from the bulletins I saw on February 7th. These are typical of the bulletins I get from Absolute News, though I get, perhaps, fifteen bulletins like this each day:

Don't you think this is weird?

I don't want to pretend that terrible things aren't happening, all over the country, but from reading the Absolute News bulletins that come into my inbox each day, it would seem that people dying horrible deaths are the main thing that is going on, everywhere. 

Is that really an accurate way to think about what's happening? I would like to think it's not. That just seems weird to me!

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